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How To Backup Nintendo Wii Games Onto Dvds

Softmodding is a new way to mod a Nintendo Wii, that does not require a chip. All you have to do is to put some software onto an SD card and install it on your Wii.

How To Burn Nintendo Wii Games - ImgBurn DVD-R's or DVD+R'sRiverfold Software – Wii Transfer – The Mac companion for your Wii. Wii Transfer can share your movies, music, and pictures directly to your Nintendo Wii using the Internet Channel.

Want to play emulated games on your Wii? How about DVD playback? Here’s how to use the SmashStack exploit to hack your Wii with the latest system menu and enable …

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This article tells you how to make Nintendo Wii play DVD. Read on to find out how to play DVD on Wii. Free and simple solutions are offered.

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