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How To Be A Standby Passenger

stand·by (stănd′bī′) n. pl. stand·bys 1. One that can always be relied on, as in an emergency. 2. One kept in readiness to serve as a substitute. 3. A mode of …

The Keenans know that must use PowerDown plugs rather than leaving appliances on standby.

What Is The Employee of the Month Show?Standby | Definition of Standby by Merriam-Webster – 1: held near at hand and ready for use <a standby power plant> <standby equipment> 2: relating to the act or condition of standing by <standby duty> <a standby period>

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Standby – Tony Morris Inc – The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris [ Home ] Essential Rules of Non-Revenue Travel. 1. Never do anything that might jeopardize your pass benefits.

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