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How To Avoid Jury Duty In New Jersey

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Petit Jury Service – New Jersey Courts – |Hudson Jury Information| |Back to Hudson Vicinage Main Menu| Petit Jury Service. A petit jury listens to evidence in a courtroom and determines the facts in a case.

New Law Offers Exemption from Jury Duty Based on … – Last Fall I had the honor to serve on my first jury. As a lawyer I had always been excused due to my occupation. But, the days have apparently passed when lawyers are …

How to Get Out of Jury Duty. While it is your duty to attend jury duty, there are some secrets to "getting out" of it if it does not fit into your life at the moment.

Jury Service – General Information – New Jersey Courts – |Back to Hudson Vicinage| Jury Service – General Information . The jury process is governed by state statues enacted by the New Jersey State Legislature and by Court …

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