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How To Attach My W2 Document

where is box ‘d’ on my w2? – TurboTax Support – where is box ‘d’ on my w2? I’m trying to import my W2 to here, and it’s asking for the contents of Box ‘d’, but I can’t seem to find it on my W2.

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Version3/22/13 REFUND APPLICATION FOR LOCAL SERVICES TAX (LST) All sections of this Refund Application must be filled out completely and the

When you’re doing your income taxes, you will require a number of forms and probably the most significant one is the W2 form. Every business that you were employed …

W2 Box 14 Code ‘K’ Deduction – TurboTax Support – W2 Box 14 Code ‘K’ Deduction In my W2, box 14 I have roughly $600 under code ‘K’. This code is for tax deductible dental/vision benefits. I don’t believe TurboTax is …

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